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Italy - 9:03 minutes
World Premiere
Short Film Block #10
Director: David M. Weiss
Writer: David M. Weiss, Jeremy Caniglia, Carlos Hof (Film Score)
Producer: David M.Weiss
Cast: Jeremy Caniglia, Jacqui Caniglia, Vivian Caniglia, Caravaggio Caniglia, Grace Hartigan

trailer: https://vimeo.com/dmweiss/about

Caniglia is known for his emotionally charged figurative and portrait paintings, which focus on the human condition. His work explores moments caught in time that show glimpses of climate change, wars, revolution, and poverty. His work embraces the old masters’ style of technical virtuosity while embodying the ancient Greek archetypes of life, love, death and rebirth. Caniglia has a strong global following with his work in private collections and museums around the world. This film strikes at the heart of the human psyche and gives the audience an inside look at his illuminating, foreboding, haunting but always poignant narrative paintings. Caniglia’s world wallows in the glories of expansiveness, empathy, and timeless places.

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