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USA - 17:50 minutes
Nebraska Premiere
Short Film Block #6
Director: Casey Wilson
Writer: Laura Kindred, Casey Wilson
Producer: Laura Kindred, Casey Wilson, Adam Silver, Ursula Camack
Cast: Michael McKean, Casey Wilson, Adam Pally, June Diane Raphael, Blair Beeken, Johnny Meeks, Emma Weiss, Ian Durney, April Mouton

trailer: https://youtu.be/RBgqymhEqyw (TIFF clip)

Daddio is a comedy about death. A year after the sudden passing of their beloved wife and mother, a dad and daughter grapple with life after loss. Grief look very different on both of them. Paul, played by Michael McKean (Better Call Saul, Spinal Tap), is manic. He gets a perm in order to look like Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill and begs neighbors to hot tub with him. Abby, played by Casey Wilson (SNL, Happy Endings) is depressed. She sleeps in her closet and takes pills that mask her urges to urinate out of sheer laziness. At its heart, Daddio is a love story between a father and daughter. Unfortunately, based on real life events.

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