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USA - 14:37 minutes
World Premiere
Short Film Block #3
Director: Eduardo Cintron
Writer: Andre Silva, Michael Franklin, Eduardo Cintron
Producer: Eduardo Cintron, Dylan Long, Andre Silva, Ken Rowe
Cast: Darren Assante, Susan O'Doherty, Rich Maloy, Anthony Solano


Willows is an anthology of three stories that examine the feelings of loss, and the value of time.

Story one: Lex reminisces with his cactus friend Stanley until a rapping sound abruptly stops their conversation. As the rapping sound gets louder and the approaching danger imminent, Lex apologizes for not being able to keep them safe.

Story two: Ellen and Jonathan, a couple in their 70’s, walk into an art gallery to discover photos of a young Ellen. A secret of Ellen’s past is uncovered and leaves a heartbroken Jonathan behind.

Story three: Michael, a soldier, returns home after being rescued from Iraq where his entire group was beheaded. Now by himself, he breaks down with guilt and looks for strength to overcome the pain.

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